diego dalla palma


“I first was introduced the diego dalla palma line in Italy. I was visiting a cosmetic show and people were lined around the block to see his latest products. diego dalla palma has always been ahead of its time, and is surely the #1 make-up artist in Europe. A true trailblazer of European cosmetics, diego dalla palma was the first to use a felt tip eyeliner. These type of advances take some time to move to America, and Maison Rouge is lucky enough to carry his whole line.”

– Patricia Margro


diego dalla palma was founded in 1970 in Milan with the principle that beauty should never have constraints. Teaming with RVB SKINLAB, diego dalla palma is able to provide its clients with innovative high-quality formulas and dense pigments that allow a professional aesthetic with strong staying power. diego dalla palma understands that all women are different, and thus, require a formula that fits their unique needs. With this in mind, diego dalla palma manufactured products that help create a classic style as well as those that build bold, trendy looks.  These diverse beauty moments can easily be attained while also protecting the skin.




Liquid eyeliner

semi permanent eyebrow pencil